Connect and control

Your RainMachine device is now accessible from anywhere in the world through the RainMachine Cloud Servers.

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RainMachine Web Access

Use your RainMachine Premium Services email account to sign in.

Click here to check RainMachine Premium Cloud Server status.

To access and control the RainMachine device locally, you only need to connect to the same local network as the RainMachine device.

To connect to the RainMachine device through the local network, follow these steps:

  • Find your RainMachine device Local IP address
    (eg. or
  • Type it into the desktop browser address bar like this
    (note the https:// protocol).
  • Agree with the security and add the certificate exception.
  • Enter your RainMachine password and connect.

Learn more about RainMachine Local Network Access.

Note: A RainMachine Remote Access email account is not required for local network access.